5 Tips To Secure Your Wi-Fi Network


    The world of the Internet has changed the way we work and live. Today all of us want high-speed internet connectivity at all times. Even spending a single moment without a web connection gets too difficult for us.

    Companies that offer wifi solutions seem nothing shorter than a blessing to many. However, just like having fast internet connectivity is important, what’s equally important is to improve the security of your wireless network.

    While the old-style wired networks are no longer in demand, they were quite secure given the fact that stealing bandwidth wasn’t an easy task with them.

    But nowadays with wireless networks, you may never know who is accessing the Internet using your broadband connection. That’s why securing your Wi-Fi network is highly important in this digital era. Here’s how you can do it:

    Tip #1: Change the name of your wireless network

    First things first. Begin by changing the name of your Wi-Fi network. When you change the name of your Wi-Fi, it becomes difficult for hackers to understand the type of router you are using.

    Knowledge of router means that the hacker would know how to crack it. Thus, hide the information about your router and change the name.

    Tip #2: Always pick a strong password

    Ensure that your Wi-Fi password is unique and difficult to guess. To avoid the possibility of guessing, keep it at least 15-20 characters long. Remember that a strong password includes a combination of upper case and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

    Tip #3: Make the most of your router’s built-in firewall

    These days most of the wireless routers have a built-in firewall. Always enable it to get additional security from hacking attempts. After configuring and enabling this incredible feature, make sure to test it regularly to see if it is functioning well or not.

    Tip #4: Reduce the range of your Wi-Fi signal

    You may not know it, but your Wi-Fi router’s range could be adjusted. Reduce the range if you are staying in a small space. By doing this, you reduce the reach of radio signals and protect your Wi-Fi from being stolen.

    Tip #5: Hire WiFi security services

    Rely on a renowned Wi-Fi security service providers for the protection of internet theft, cyber attacks, and cyber crimes.

    A company that has a carrier-class operational support system (OSS) can manage wireless networks and hotspot systems well. Look for such a company and get added security through a strong firewall system in place.

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