Best Wifi Security & Firewall North Device Provider In Amritsar, Punjab, India - Iberry Wifi Security

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    Best Network Security & Firewall Device Provider In Punjab

    iBerry Wifi Security Is the best network security provider & firewall device provider in Punjab that Provides Wifi Security Solution to its North Indian clients (In Punjab, Shimla, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttrakhand & Haryana).

    Best Wifi Security & Firewall Device Provider In Amritsar, Punjab, India - Iberry Wifi Security


    We Are Network Security & Firewall Device Provider

    iBerryWiFiSecurity make safe association while serving you with its extensive range of products and services since January 2011. We endow with complete web security solutions while giving you best in class services. Crime issues are getting momentum day by day and we have security measures. Our safeguard “iberry firewall” protects you from several harms of cyber attacks and Cyber Crimes.

    iberry has an enormous array of access controllers – iberry firewall – for supervision of open access networks. iberry wifi security offers all-in-one elucidation access control, Cloud Based AAA Services, User management, Bandwidth Control, Billing, Legal Compliance, access codes , problem ticketing, Cloud NMS, Venue Dashboard, monitoring and reporting in single appliance.

    Iberry WiFi Security offers a custom firewall that can be mounted on any third-party APs like Cisco, Ruckus, Microtick, UBNT, TPLink etc. The firewall chains automatic updates, imprisoned portal, bandwidth management, meshing and other utility requisite for operating public access networks.

    We serve everybody from the large integrator to small cafe owners at affordable prices. We take care of your security as our priority. We offer easement of monitoring your complete wifi usage. iberry is guided by a strong management squad with an in-depth understanding of security domain.

    With thousands of consumption across more than 350 clients, We secure hotels, airport, universities, colleges, cafes, IT firms and much more, in addition to learning association and huge administration organizations.

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    Iberry caters the needs of the hotspot and wireless ISP industry by providing them hardware and software solutions. We endow with carrier-class operational support system (OSS) for managing wireless networks and hotspot systems.

    In layman’s figures, we offer all the obligatory products and services essential to run WiFi hotspots and wireless ISP dealings from an innermost location. Our hosted, backend management solutions – WiFi LAN – help hotspot operators and service providers to easily install hotspots in any community venues and drive them from a solitary console.

    At iberry we put all of our hard work and priority into two things: In making best security solutions and providing high Speed Wifi systems. We offer top-notch Cloud Based Security Services. We provide the best support we can do for our clients. We deal in Wifi & LAN Security, Web development, mobile application, Software development and ISP (Internet Service Provider) Services.


    iberry wifi security serves 1500+ clients, renowned hotels, hostels, eminent universities, collages, schools, cafes, Airports and many more prominent patrons.

    Last but not least, iberry has absolute solution that helps operators influence Social Media at their WiFi hotspots. We have incorporated with famous social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and many more. The solution endow with rich analytics and information for promotion over social media.

    About Iberry Wifi Security Pvt Ltd

    Our Services: Wifi Security Services, Firewall Devices, Wifi Network Solution, Network & LAN Security, ISP Solution, Wifi Hotspot & Wifi Setup, Website Development Services, Graphic Designing Services

    Area We Served: Amritsar, Jalandhar, Punjab, North India, Shimla, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttrakhand & Haryana

    Contact No: +91-8872456569, +91-9815214011


    Office Address: 598, First Floor, Durga Ice Cream, Near Novelty Chowk, Lawrence Road, Amritsar, Punjab, India