Where & How To Find WiFi Hotspot in Your Travel?

    Where and How to Find WiFi Hotspot in Your Travel

    Traveling is fun, but doing that without internet access is not something that anyone would enjoy. From playing games to watching videos and listening to music, there is a lot that WiFi hotspot can help you do while you travel.

    If you wish to get easy and free access to WiFi hotspot from anywhere you want, then here are a few tips that you can try without any difficulty:

    Hotels – Many hotels provide internet facility these days. Just ask for the password and enjoy free access to the internet as and when you want, from the comfort of your hotel.

    Libraries – If you get some time to read your favorite book, then you can even enjoy free WiFi access by going to a public library which offers the same.

    Airport, Railway Station and Bus Stops – Airports, railway stations, and bus stop also provide free WiFi hotspot to their travelers. You can travel while accessing the Internet and get rid of boredom.

    Shopping Centres – There are several shopping malls and grocery stores as well that offer free WiFi to attract more customers and increase their sales.

    Restaurants and Food Joints – Famous restaurants and food joints like KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. offer free WiFi access to their customers. So, while having a meal, you can enjoy free internet too.

    Free WiFi from ISP – Apart from the above-listed measures, there is also a way to get free WiFi hotspot solution from your ISP. Some ISPs have free public Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

    If your ISP is one of them, then you can enjoy internet access from those locations.

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    WiFi Finder App – If you still are stuck somewhere where there seems to be no access to a free WiFi hotspot, then you can always try the various iPhone and Android applications that help in locating free WiFi at a given location.

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