Secure wifi Everywhere you Go, Even In Cafe's and Restaurants

    Astound Diners with secure WiFi Service is so good, They’ll utilize It to Up vote The Food. Serve you customers with high-speed and secure internet. Cafes and restaurants with wifi service engage more customers than usual. Know your clients and they will know you.  Offering wireless network access in your restaurant bestow you the chance to gain information about your customers such as name, email and mobile number. You can use this information to aim campaigns and incorporate with social media networks.

    Offering free wifi in your restaurants and cafes benefits your customers and you, but if you have unsecure network it may harm you in countless ways. It’s important to secure your public wifi network. With iberry firewall, you can protect your valuable data from stealing, stop illegal use of internet. Availing iberry services can help you acquire safeguard against all security threats. Stop being victim of cyber crime to any further extent. We provide centralized AAA Services, User management, Bandwidth Control, Billing, Compliance, Monitoring, OTP mobile verification and reporting in single appliance.