Prevention through Crime using Secure Public wifi

    Students who live in university and college campuses need high speed internet for studies and get updated through latest trends and technologies. But according to the recent research 80% of adults or teenagers are the cyber crime victims and criminals at the same time. They may use your public wifi for the illegal activities, pornography, stealing data, credit card frauds etc.

    Most of the teenagers and ¾ adult commit suicide just because of being victims of cyber crime. You can stop these mishaps from happenings with us. Our iberry security system offers robust services for the whole campus with easement of monitoring real-time usage of each user.

    Keep track of every user, what they access on their pc’s, laptops, mobiles and other devices with iberry firewall. The firewall chains automatic updates, imprisoned portal, bandwidth management, meshing, real time monitoring, centralized cloud based AAA service and other utility requisite for operating public access networks.

    If you need secure and protective wifi solutions for hostels, you can contact us anytime. We are expert in the wifi hotspot solutions for the hostels all over India.