Protect your Hotel wifi From all Cyber-Threats

    Keep your Hotels safe against all network threats with our “iberry firewall” protection. High-end network security that enables you to secure your public wifi against misuses. Over 90% employees and guests may misuse your corporate data. Don’t be a victim of cyber crime anymore. Defense yourself and your network from all cyber criminals.  iberry gives you a guard against all kind of security fears. Feel free and run your business without fear with iberry security solutions.

    We serve prominent hotels and resorts with appreciable high-end safety measures. We provide networking wifi-setups with professional wifi access point. With iberry firewall you can keep track usage of your wifi and control each user bandwidth. User can avail wifi services through OTP mobile verification. You can hold centralized control of multiple accounts on a single user interface.

    We also provide wifi hotspot solutions and wifi hotsport services for hotels and resorts in all over India. You can contact us anytime for hotspot services at best price in India. We have a succesful model of working with hotels and resorts for their need of wifi hotspot and wifi internet services.