Guard Against Cyber Issues Across University Campus

    Iberry Wireless services provide fast, safe, robust and easy-to-use Internet access from university buildings and habitation halls across campus. The wireless system is integrated with iberry authentication services via vigorous protocol and can be used by any University-affiliated user with a University Computing report. Every student, faculty and staff members can connect to the secure wifi network through mobile authentication. We offer centralized AAA services for huge university campuses to the regular colleges. Iberry wifi security, is a enhancement to the University’s existing Wireless network and allows students, faculties, and staff members to experience the pro level of faster wireless speeds with strong security against misuses of internet.

    Prevention will always be your best line of defence against cyber crimes. iberry wifi security offers all-in-one Solutions to guard against cyber offences. Our security system supports Automatic updates, Captive portal, Bandwidth management, Utility requisite for operating public access networks, an enormous array of access controllers, Elucidation access control and much more.

    iBerry WiFi Security provide wifi hotspot solutions to universities and collages all over India. You can contact us for any type of wifi security services needed for your college or university. We also provide campus hotspot solutions and services at best price in India.