Iberry wifi Security Solutions™ helps your businesses fight against cybercrime, protect your precious data and reduce security risk. We are IT Risk evaluators and Digital Security Services provider.

    We have a qualified team of security experts, ethical hackers and researchers who are conviction standard for companies that need to shield their brands, data, and businesses from diverse cyber attacks.

    We offer centralized Cloud-based AAA services for your public network. An Unsecured network can put your business in several dangers of cybercrime. Protect yourself and your business from the attackers.

    We have enormous products that meet all your safety needs. Our iberry firewall is enough to beat all the security challenges like hacking, spoofing, threatening emails, phishing, pornography etc.

    Our security solutions offer easement of monitoring your complete wifi usage, OTP verification, track illegal activities, custom bandwidth control for each user, Cloud-Based AAA services, billing, compliance, Automatic updates, Captive portal, Utility requisite for operating public access networks, a massive array of access controllers and much more.