Hotel Wifi Hotspot Solution

    Guests satisfaction is very important in case of internet and Wifi who check-in to your hotel each day. Hotel guests expect to connect, watch, download and work without complication and without limit. To meet that high-speed WiFi demand, hotels in Punjab are turning to iBerry WiFi Security for a one-stop solution.

    iBerry provide strong, fast and secure WiFi to all your guest’s devices. Guests don’t just want wifi services in their rooms. They also want to access the Internet as they roam around your hotel like at the pool, grabbing a drink at the bar, taking a seat in your restaurant etc.

    IBerry Wifi provides solutions for the WiFi Hotel Hotspot, WiFi Hotspots & WiFi Wireless Hotel Hotspots. WiFi system for hotel WiFi Hotspot for hotels, universities & colleges.

    Deployed by major hotel chains and small hotels in Punjab, India, our Hotel Internet solution improves WiFi control and guest satisfaction. Create great Hotel WiFi for staff and guests with our step-by-step guide!

    iBerry wifi security and wifi solutions dedicated to facilitating both FREE WiFi Internet access as well as revenue-based business models for our clients and their customers.

    Want a wireless network? With over 1500+ clients experience, iberry can weigh up, install, and manage your public access network for you – so you can focus on what you do best.

    Whether it is a café or restaurant, hotel or resort we can make certain that your customers, visitors, or guests are having a world-class Wi-Fi experience. We offer an extensive series of deployment solutions and can customize an application to meet all your needs and budget.

    Iberry has the management and engineering proficiency you need to plan for and implement a successful Internet connectivity, billing, and management solution.

    We propose a full scope of specialized services that ensure you receive, Consistent User Experience, Service Experience, End-to-End Service Provisioning, Network Discovery and Access, Authentication and Security, Fully Integrated End-to-End Network and Network Management, Quality, and security.

    Iberry offers an extensive range of quality Wifi hotspot solutions and professional wifi setup with robust security and scalability.

    Our access controllers meet up all the challenges of your wifi security needs, high-speed internet, end-to-end connectivity, easy to login user interface and much more.